A Guide to UK Immigration from Pakistan

The highly developed economy of the United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world providing great employment, business opportunities, healthcare services and other fringe benefits to its natives.

People from all around the world visit UK as it has many tourist attractions and also to settle there in order to enjoy the benefits given by the government. For these reason many people wish to immigrate to the UK. Most people from Pakistan migrate to the UK for work or UK settlement purposes. The UK Home Office immigration policies have become stringent making it difficult for the applicants to enter the country however, a person with a genuine reason to enter and authentic documentation would not be barred from entering the UK.

Expert Consultants International are a team of professional counseling clients on preparation of UK visa applications and relevant documentation.

Having a team of solicitors and barristers in the UK, we provide complete representation for our respected clients. Those individuals who have been refused settlement visa or any other entry clearance to the UK should not be disappointed and hire the best UK immigration Consultants for a better assistance.

A large number of Pakistanis apply for different types of UK visas from Pakistan, which are:

  • UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • UK Tier 2 General
  • UK Spouse Visa / Settlement Visa UK
  • UK Tier 5
  • UK Visit Visas
  • UK General Visit Visa for tourism
  • UK Family Visit Visa
  • UK Business Visit Visa

Many businessmen from Pakistan travel to the UK on Business Visit Visa to carry out certain economic activities. Those visitors, who intend to visit the UK for a short period of time for business activities, may apply under the following categories:

✓ Academic visitors

✓ Religious workers

✓ Visiting professors

✓ Film crew

✓ Teachers traveling with students

✓ Consultants, Advisers, and Trainers

✓ Representatives of overseas news media

Expert Consultants International being one of the best Consultants in Pakistan could assist you with preparation of UK Business Visa application. A detailed consultation is provided to the applicants to gauge their economic, personal and familial circumstances in Pakistan in order to maximize approval chances of UK Business Visit Visa application.

  • Medical Visitors from Pakistan to the UK
  • Entertainer visitors from Pakistan
  • Permitted Paid Engagement visa UK from Pakistan
  • UK PLAB visa for doctors
  • Appeals against the refusal

Our experienced and qualified professionals at Expert Consultants International have expertise in the UK immigration Visa and are apt at providing the best possible solutions for the clients seeking to obtain UK entry clearance.

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